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What is up with this webmistress????Y-you mean she took down the page??Why haven't there been any updates? I'm scared! MK is psycho!

Magic Knight Rayearth Fanfiction Archives

September 20, 2001

Oh my, where shall I start? The chaos of my summer? Nah. Well, OK. (hoho, run away!) Part of the reason I haven't had time to update was because I took on a full-time job for two months, on top of everything else I had to do. I went on vacation, got my driver's license (BTW, today was sucky because I, erm, ran into another car. x.X It was soooooo unnerving and freaky. At least they were nice about it and no one was hurt and I didn't get a ticket and the police officer was kawaiiii [gotta love a guy in a uniform. ^___^], but now I have to go through the insurance hassle which is HORRIBLY ANNOYING!!), and so on... it has been BUSY! Anyway, a lot of people get busy over the summer, it's just something that happens. ^^;; But a lot of people were asking when I was going to update next, and I promised two weekends ago that I would. GOMEN NASAAAAAI! For one thing, since I get Mondays off from work, they count as my "weekend". Anyway, I got everything ready and was about to post Tuesday morning... OK, I spent most of the next week watching/reading the news, praying, getting on with life, etc. I did NOT feel like updating. I hope all my visitor-sans are alright?

BUUUUUUUT!!! There I have done a few things which should GREATLY improve this site! YAY! First of all, I bought (with my newly earned money... and it was expensive!! And an entire year in advance!) my own unlimited webspace + bandwidth, FTP server, and domain name! Which means:

  • Very fast loading time!
  • I can host all those MP3s I've been dying to put up! ^_^
  • I can host all those hundreds of images I've been putting into galleries.
  • I can host the episodes, now, too! Direct download!
  • I can try setting up the fanfics so people can review them. (I have full CGI and SSI options! Now I just need to figure out how to work the forms. *.*)
  • An easy to remember URL! I'm not telling what it is, yet, but it's pretty good. ^_^
  • I can offer email accounts under my domain name, but I'm not sure if I'll go there...

I also have visions to change things about the site itself. Here are some changes I'm planning:

  • Fanfics sorted by Author (listen up authors! some of you STILL haven't given me your name! If you don't, you'll miss out on this great opportunity!).
  • A list of people who have volunteered to be pre-readers/beta readers for people who want a second opinion and some assitance or advice on their fanfics before posting them. Sign up as a pre-reader by emailing me!
  • AND MORE FREQUENT UPDATES! There's nothing to inspire you more to do something with your site than the fact that you paid a bundle to keep it up and running. ^_^
  • Oh yeah, and a linking system, I hope!

There may also be some other special treats coming up! One big thing is that, while I will still keep this fanfiction archive up and running as a priority and large focus, I plan to make a full Rayearth site (which is what it pretty much was turning out to be, anyway ^^;;), and maybe a few other smaller sites based on... other stuff. ^_^ I still plan on using just basic programming and layouts (I try to make them look nice, but also be accessable), so I won't turn it into one of those fancy-artsy-doesn't-work-with-most-browsers-and-resolutions-and-makes-computers-freeze-using-obscure-and-annoying-scripting sites...

Mr. Sock Puppet: Don't listen to her, she's just jealous that she hasn't reached that level yet...

**MK runs off to do some heavy-duty LAUNDRY**

Haha, no distractions now!! **sounds of insane, heavy-duty laundry machines in the backround** Now where was I... OH YES! SENSIBLE layouts! Well, in any case, I hope people like what I do with the place. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE GIVEN ME SUPPORT AND SENT ME FANFICS!! I wouldn't continue with this project if people ignored me. ^___^ HOHOHO!! Just call me PRINCESS MK!! WAHAHAHAHA!! eh heh. ^^;;

Thanks again, I'll try to get the site up within the next week or so. I'm really sorry about taking it down (I HATE IT WHEN SITES TAKE DOWN WHAT THEY ALREADY HAD UP TO DO "UPDATES"! They can at least leave up the old stuff until they get the new. --;;), but I deleted all the files I had uploaded to Tripod so that no one could access them last week, and I don't want to re-upload them when I am just going to change to a new server, anyway. ^^;; If it looks like it's going to take more than a few days, I'll put it back up, but... I'm lazy, so I won't if I don't have to. ^_^

See you peeps soon, if you have anything to say, you can still contact me @

Ja ne! **hugs and kissies**

MK-chan - La Webmistress of MKRFFA, Age 18


Oh yeah, BTW!!! JOY OF JOYS!! I finally got all the MKR manga this summer! Now I've seen all the Rayearth stuff! I'm just finishing reading the last volume to my younger bro and sis. ^_^ I is haaaappy!

One more thing!! If you'd like some fanfics to tide you over, visit OR my dear, sweet, wonderful Fu-chan83's MKR fanfiction site @!! She's awesome! She just started her site, so GO VISIT! You can never have enough MKR fanfiction! Nice layout and thanks for linking me, chica! **peace sign** Hey, a little friendly competition is a good thing. ^_^